A lower-rank member of Zenom Organization. He infiltrated Entotsu City to monitor the excavation of the S Rank O-Part Mekisis. Being emotionally unstable, he has a tendency to kill people without hesitation, even fellow members of Zenom Organization, and gets a piercing on his tongue for every person he has killed.




Effect:They each have individual effects that work in tandem: Remote Handling and a Dimension distorter. He can put his hand through the one ring and come out of the other.Also anything that is in between the rings becomes easy to break

O-part: Mekisis

Screenshot 2013-04-06-15-48-48

Effect:Barrier,Regeneration and Lazer(Lights)Beams. .


Despite his low Rank Wise seemed to be stronger than some of his higher ups. This is evident that he was able to push Jio to his limits and even hold off Satan for a short while. He is very intelligent, able to fool the government and zenom into believing that he is weaker and an attempt to usher up control, and was able to quickly overcome the weakness of Mekisis's lasers while in the fog.

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