Volume 18
Volume 18
Volume Info
Volume: 18
ISBN (JP): 978-4-7575-2129-2
ISBN (US): 978-1-4215-2339-2
Total Pages: 200
Release Date (JP) October 22, 2007
Year Released (US) October 13, 2009
Volume Chronology
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List of Chapters

  • 69. Life (命, "Inochi")
  • 70. The Heart of a Woman (女心, "Onnagokoro")
  • 71. Devil's Summoner (デビルズサマナー, "Debiruzu Samanā")
  • 72. 2 Battles (二つの闘い, "Futatsu no Tatakai")

Cover Characters

Front Cover

Spine Character

Back Cover


Separated into various groups and confronting a variety of threats, Jio and his friends hope they're reaching the end of their struggle to break the Zenom Syndicate. It's been a tough final push, and as they know only too well, no fight is over until it's over!


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