Volume 16
Volume 16
Volume Info
Volume: 16
ISBN (JP): 978-4-7575-1983-1
ISBN (US): 978-1-4215-1997-5
Total Pages: 200
Release Date (JP) March 22, 2007
Year Released (US) June 9, 2009
Volume Chronology
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List of Chapters

  • 61. Welcome Home (おかえり, "Okaeri")
  • 62. All Members Gather (全メンバー集結, "Zen Menbā Shūketsu")
  • 63. Full Moon (月夜, Tsukiyo")
  • 64. Zenom's Headquarters (ゼノム本部, Zenomu Honbu")

Cover Characters

Front Cover

Spine Character

Back Cover


After destroying Miko's robot body, Jio reunites with Ruby. They join with Ball and their other friends to search for the headquarters of the Zenom Syndicate, which has been making progress in capturing the Demons of the Reverse Kabbalah. However, little do they realize how all-consuming their search will become!


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