Volume 15
Volume 15
Volume Info
Volume: 15
ISBN (JP): 978-4-7575-1796-3
ISBN (US): 978-1-4215-1996-8
Total Pages: 200
Release Date (JP) October 21, 2006
Year Released (US) April 14, 2009
Volume Chronology
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List of Chapters

  • 57. Break In! (突入!!, "Totsunyū!!")
  • 58. Everyone's Fight (それぞれの戦い, "Sorezore no Tatakai")
  • 59. Magic Trick (おまじない, "Omajinai")
  • 60. Miko's Truth (ミコの思想, "Miko no Shisō")

Cover Characters

Front Cover

Spine Character

Back Cover


Jio and his friends boldly set out to rescue Ruby from the Stea Government headquarters. Sneaking in is easy enough, but what will happen when they are forced to face their worst foe yet--Chief of Staff Dofwa--whom even Kirin and Amidaba have as yet been unable to defeat?


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