Volume 12
Volume 12
Volume Info
Volume: 12
ISBN (JP): 978-4-7575-1551-0
ISBN (US): 978-1-4215-1834-3
Total Pages: 200
Release Date (JP) October 22, 2005
Year Released (US) October 14, 2008
Volume Chronology
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List of Chapters

  • 45. Top Floor (最上階, "Saijōkai")
  • 46. Evil King Icarus (魔帝イカロス, "Matei Ikarosu")
  • 47. Heart (心, "Kokoro")
  • 48. Kaballah's Devil (カバラの悪魔, "Kabara no Akuma")

Cover Characters

Front Cover

Spine Character

Back Cover


Our heroes head off to save Ruby but are thwarted by two monstrous guards! Will Ball be able to hold them off while Jio charges to Ruby's rescue? Or will Jio fail his toughest test yet when he's forced to face his own true nature?


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