Volume 1
Volume 01
Volume Info
Volume: 1
ISBN (JP): 978-4-7575-0597-3
ISBN (US): 978-1-4215-0855-9
Total Pages: 208
Release Date (JP) December 20, 2001
Year Released (US) December 19, 2006
Volume Chronology
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List of Chapters

  • 01. Friends (友達, "Tomodachi")
  • 02. The Dream 1 (夢1, "Yume 1")
  • 03. The Dream 2 (夢2, "Yume 2")

Cover Characters

Front Cover

Spine Character

Back Cover


In the not too distant future, mankind fights over relics from an ancient civilization called O-Parts, each of which contain incredible powers. Some people with special abilities are able to use the O-Parts to their full potential, and are known as O.P.T.s (or O-Parts Tacticians). Naturally, O-Parts can be used for both good and evil purposes.

Jio is a young boy with a tragic past who only trusts one thing in the world: money. Little does he suspect that he is actually a very powerful O.P.T.s, and inside him sleeps a demon of incredible ferocity. He meets up with a girl named Ruby who, like her famous father before her, wants to become a treasure hunter. Though Jio doesn't believe in friendship, he agrees to be Ruby's bodyguard, and together they go on a dangerous quest to discover as many O-Parts as they can.


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