Tsubame Thrid Eye

Tsubame Thrid Eye

Tsubame is Mei's brother, and the former leader of the Cyclops village. He fell off a cliff while fighting against Zenom operatives, and was taken for dead. However, he was rescued by Mishima, who helped him open his Cyclops third eye. He later reappeared briefly as a Stea agent to stop Jio and company, and the power of the third eye drove him mad enough to attack his own sister. He fought against Ball and Mei, and although he had the upper hand at the beginning, Ball's cunning and power combined with Mei's newly opened third eye resulted in his loss.

In the end, Mei used a trick he taught her by tickling his ears to make him remember and close his third eye[1]. He apologizes to his sister and crumbles into dust. Before turning into dust, he calls out to Ball and tells him to watch over Mei for him, as it was Ball who reminded him how important it was to protect one's little sister.

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