The Reverse Kabbalah, also known as The Dark Kabbalah, is the opposite of the Kabbalah and the storage unit of the 10 Demons. The Demons that can be sealed inside of the Reverse Kabbalah are rivals of the Angels. The Reverse Kabbalah can be combined with the other Kabbalah to create a super weapon based through Shin, which can initiate Armageddon.

Along with the other Kabbalah, Alkaid Spirit used the 2 to rule the world in the past.

The Demons

Light Kabbalah
01 cropped Beelzebub Lucifuge Demon No 4 Astaroth by Azmodan01
Lucifer 1 Beelzebub 2a Lucifuge 3 Astaroth 4
No-Image No-Image Baal Demon No 7 Adramelech by Azmodan01
Asmodeus 5 Belphegor 6 Baal 7a Adramelech 8
Ponzu Transformed Nahemath
Lilith 9 Naamah 10

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