6 beauty
Named After: Michael
First Appearance:
Chapter 30 (clone)
Chapter 56 (half transformation)
Chapter 59 (full transformation)
Number: 6
Virtue: Beauty
Character: Mysterious Youth
Status: Destroyed(clone) Sealed(original)
A clone of the angel Michael was created and sent to Rock Bird City by the Stea Republic to recover an Angel nucleus or destroy a Demon one. The clone was able to shoot needles made from his hair and use angelic wings to fly/shield but destroyed during a confrontation with Zenom's Kujaku. After the four-year time skip, the original was sent to defend Stea's base from Jio and Cross while trying to retrieve Ruby. Michael demonstrated the ability to use the "Judgement Shisou", trapping two individuals on opposite sides of a scale that measures the beauty of the soul. Failure to reach equilibrium, resulted in disintegration. After full release, the spherical angel is able to disintegrate components into their nature elements (Concrete reverts into water, granite, minerals, clay, metals, and sand). The body of Michael is destroyed by Metatron (Cross), and the nucleus is later returned to the Kabbalah via unstated means.

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