Jio (Ball's & Mei's Son)
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Age 10 (Appears)
Eyes Unknown
Hair Black
O-Parts N/A
Debut Chapter 75
Relatives Ball (Father)

Mei (Mother)
Ruby (Twin Sister)

Affiliation N/A
Occupation N/A


After an Unknown amount of years after Jio Freed's brave actions to save all life on earth, Ball and Mei have a little boy named, Jio. He has light curly hair and is of lighter skin, even with his father being of half dark skinned decent and Cyclops usually being dark skinned, and a closed cyclops eye. He is only shown in a modified version of his father's original appearance clothing with the half hollowed out half circle and a full circle in the middle. He and twin sister seem to hear the tales of Jio Freed and the Orphan Crew nightly, he also seems to share Jio Freed's red scarf with his sister. Either twin has the potential to become an OPT but from their genetic inheritance and other pasts so its likely he is or isn't a OPT.

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