Kanji/Kana ジャガ
Rōmaji Jaga
Gender Male
Debut Chapter 7
Affiliation Entotsu City

Jaga (ジャガ, Jaga) is a governor of Entotsu City, who forced the citizens to work all day to excavate O-Parts.



Jaga is incredibly arrogant, thinking of himself as a god while referring to the citizens and constituents under his watch as ants as well as very sadistic as he was gleefully killing off everyone in sight when taking control of Mekisis even going so far as bite into his own hands to help calm himself down. He is also incredibly lecherous as he had Ruby stripped down to her underwear while licking his lips as he was questioning her. Even going so far as to ask her to be his woman and went into an uncontrollable rage induced frenzy when she turned him down.


Jaga was first seen making an announcement to all citizens of Entotsu City, telling them that the Government of Stea will continue to protect them from the Zenom Syndicate so they can focus on working hard.

Jaga was later seen in his place, where Ruby was brought to him. He commented that he finds her cute, and would insist on her staying by his side so that she could have a nice life. He also told her that once someone enters the city, they can't leave and will be forced to excavate O-Parts all day, but Ruby told him that this is still better that being near him. This angers him and he burns all of his medicine, saying that he is hungry and wants to eat her. His men tried to hold him, but in his anger he bit off one of his men's head. They refilled his medicine and he calmed down and spit out the head, saying it tasted disgusting.

Later he was seen talking with Wise Yuri, giving him money for his next job, saying it's a hard job to make the citizens realize how powerful the government is.

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