Demon No 4 Astaroth by Azmodan01
Kanji/Kana アシュタロト
Rōmaji Ashutaroto
Symbol 4 oblivion
Number 4i
Virtue Oblivion
Relation Unknown
Status Sealed(released to fight)
Debut Chapter 70

Astaroth (アシュタロト, Ashutaroto) is the 4th demon of the Reverse Kabbalah.


This demon was released by Rock to 'defend' Zenom's base and engaged Jio and Jin in combat. Aside from its sharp horn, it has the ability to turn (for a small period of time) an object of nature into something else (earth to rubber or water to fire and body swapping). It also has the ability to regenerate its wounds. While fighting with Zero and Jin, its nucleus is subdued by Zero.

Powers and Abilities

Astaroth has the body of transformation example would be him turning Water into fire and or switching Zero and Jin bodies for a short period of time. He also has the power to regenerate like most of his kind.